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MAN VS. EARTH (Motion Graphic)

The Goal
We were asked to create a motion graphics composition based on a soundtrack of our choice. this project applies visual literacy skill for a sequence and focuses on how movement informs content.

Project Type: School project
Duration: 3 weeks, individual (Spring 2017) 
Tools:  Adobe AfterEffect

Achievements: 5th place in a 100+ student class

The sketch phase

WeChat Image_20190209132750.jpg

Through the thinking process, I changed my original idea so that there's more dynamic in the final version. Also how to make the text go around in a circle is a tricky part, I successfully managed it by drawing an invisible line using mouse cursor and let the text follow the line.

Lesson Learned


Motion graphics are more than just digital works of art. Their primary goal is to explain something or tell a story. So I found out a tone for it is very important. Your color choice, your font, are all to deliver the message.


Final screenshot

WeChat Image_20190209132740.jpg


WeChat Image_20190209132719.jpg

Initial idea for a sentence

Final idea


Final work

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