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FALL 2019 

Illustrator, Photoshop, Premier, After Effect, ProtoPie



A design solution for @kindcafeyvr to help students make a difference in the environment by practicing zero-waste eating through a meal app/kit.

KindBox: A meal program for university students to save time, eat healthily and reduce stress. Meals are ordered online and prepared for in-store pick-up at the cafe, and packages will be offered at discounted prices, to incentivize students to join the program.

Identify the need 

What: A Vancouver-based and zero-waste eatery specializing in vegan cuisine, founded by a father-daughter duo. The cafe’s intent is to create an environment that inspires people to take a sustainable approach to eat and drink.

How: Kind Cafe does not use any single-use products to practice zero-waste. They have reusable glassware, cutlery, and towels and compost excess food.

Why (Goals): Kind Cafe’s mission is to create a kinder cafe experience within the community through plant-based nutrition, sustainable resources and supporting local suppliers.

Design Focus

To provide the means for environmentally conscious university students to practice reusing materials multiple times and refusing disposable items in their daily lives.

How? Through handy and non-invasive services and products that provide benefits for both Kind Café and participating students.



Target Audience

University students who are environmentally conscious and therefore care about the impact they have on the planet.

Why it appeals to them:
71.1% of the customers are university-aged. The café is located in Mt. Pleasant. It is situated in a place that is popular among students from UBC, Emily Carr, and Langara, allowing the café to be a convenient space to eat and spend time.


Design Process

Our team started designing the product by Making a user journal map and asking “How might we?” question depend on the pain point and high point which we found from the Kind Cafe customer.

-How might we create a sense of understanding & community for the new customers who are uninformed & misinformed about what it means to practice Zero Waste?
-How might we create space for more digital interaction? ...


Final Solution


We created KindBox, a meal program that offers students Kind Cafe food and drinks at discounted prices in order to incentivize them to take part in zero-waste practices. This solution allows users to save time, eat healthily and make a difference to the environment. Meals are ordered online and prepared for in-store pick-up at the cafe.

KindBox has two parts: a mobile app that allows students to view Kind Cafe's menu and order ahead, and the lunch box, which is the physical element that helps them actively practice zero-waste.

Part I: Final KindBox App



Application onboarding outlining basic instructions for how the program works.


Students receive an exclusive 10% off for joining the program by signing up with a school email address.



Within the product details, information about Kind Cafe's plant-based ingredients can be found.

Why Application?


  • University students can download the application prior to visiting or at the Kind Cafe.

  • Students can save time by ordering food prior and not doing dishes

  • Students can practice the zero-waste lifestyle through the program

  • Students can see how much contribution they have made in the application

  • Easy to update menu item for Kind Cafe

Part II: Final KindBox Kit


Why this container?


  • Students can attach the bottle to the container

  • The shape of the lunch box will fit into their school bag, gives hands-on practice with zero-waste

  • Students can use reusable containers, mugs, and metal cutlery


Working with a real client allows us to get an idea of how the industry works as well as taught me to really put the users first and think in their heads (not our designers').

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