FALL 2020



Individually designed an online mobile teaching and learning platform for a startup company. From user experience strategy to setting visual design standards across the entire application. 

Identify the need 

"I just want you to build a thing that can help me find a good piano tutor for my son."---by my client

Design Focus

To offer self-starters with a chance to teach or learn a brand new skill. Create an avenue for people who want to share their skills.


Target Audience

18 to 70-year-old individuals who are always on the way of learning, and those who want to share their skills.


Design Process

I started designing by making a user journey and checking on users' reviews on other similar platforms.

-How can I create a clear and visually interesting app for people to navigate?

-How can I create space for more digital interaction? ...

Log in/Sign up

language selection upfront. 

Choose to be a student/teacher.

login/signup all in one page to save the user's effort.

Modular design

Modular design to allow easy navigation. 

Help users to better understand different functions.


Using different colours to represent different catalogue. 

Clear visual hierarchy.

Teacher's profile

A detailed view of the teacher.

Include reviews and availability, also able to chat with the teacher.


An in-app timetable for better communication between student and teacher.

Teacher- Set your availability for future class booking.

Student- Check your timetable to see your class schedule.


Involve users early and often. Learn from them and iterate.

It isn’t enough to run through a design process once. I need to learn from my users, learn from your client, and iterate. Then the process will mature and I'll be able to run through it easier and faster on each pass. Being agile is to be set up to react to new information fast.